Local Teams

Get involved with your local land study

Your message will go to members who are already organizing in your state or county, or to coordinating team members if we haven’t started working in your county yet. 

We can offer access to data and analysis, training, and organizer support! Please connect if you’re interested in finding out who owns your county, how it’s affecting local revenues, and what you can do about it! 

Active counties: Martin, Letcher, Pike, Harlan

West Virginiawestvirginia@appalachianlandstudy.org
Active counties: Mingo, Boone

Active counties: Campbell, Claiborne, Knox

North Carolinanorthcarolina@appalachianlandstudy.org
Active counties: Watauga

Active counties: Wise, Dickenson


Regional Coordinating Committee Members:

Grace Williams (Mingo County, WV)
Jacob Zondag (Mingo County, WV)
Terry Steele (Mingo County, WV)
Zach Rissman (Kanawha County, WV)
Kirstyn Ooten (Boone County, WV)
Kandi Workman (Boone County, WV)
Charice Starr (Knox County, TN)
David Ferris (Knox County, TN)
Adam Hughes (Knox County, TN)
Caitlin Myers (Knox County, TN / Letcher County, KY)
Ricki Draper (Letcher & Martin County, KY)
Betsy Taylor (Fayette County, KY / east KY)
Karen Rignall (Fayette County, KY / east KY)
Lindsay Shade (Fayette County, KY / WV)